Hello, my name is Maribeth Joeright and I’m an energetic, award-winning professional in the Cleveland, OH area with over 30 years experience as a photojournalist in the newspaper industry as well as a freelance photographer for a variety of clients. My background, covering a wide range of assignments, from difficult breaking news to intense sporting events, has honed my skills as a visual storyteller.

At  MBJ Photography, I specialize in editorial photography/photojournalism, family and senior portraits, weddings, special events, sports photography and new to my repertoire is birth photography. A trained observer with a strong capacity to detect emotion, I am committed to documenting your special occasion with authenticity and candor, striving always to create photographs that convey the essence of people and situations, to make lasting memories for my clients.

With a passion for the outdoors, I love to photograph people in beautiful settings to produce images that project a seamless blend between humans and nature.  My studio is wherever you want it to be. I also enjoy travel, learning about other cultures and documenting my experiences through words and pictures.

Thank you for taking the time to browse through my images. Please feel free to use the Contact Us page with any questions or feedback.